In this modernity of region, the internet has made its impact on the world, people have been dependent to get any kind of information or even for doing regular things in their life. Do you guys even know the person who has made this possible?  Tim Berners Lee, computer scientist, and inventor of WWW (World Wide Web).

Note:- We can not give the credit to only one person for the invention of the internet, because a lot of people have contributed to it.

In this biography, will gonna know about his education, awards, and quotes.


Sir Tim Berner Lee is a computer scientist and inventor of the WWW. Born on 8 June 1955 in London, England, completed his graduation in physics from oxford university. After his graduation in 1976, started working in a printing firm.

Later on, in 1980 he started working as an independent contractor in the company name Cern, Switzerland as a software engineering consultant. Where his work was to send important information to the various researchers in the entire world. To make his work easy started working on a project. This project was with the use of hypertext, sending information electronically in text formation this method is known as “ENQUIRE”.

Note – The Internet has been founded in 1960 through which information used to send from computer to computer.

Tim Berners lee tries to connect internet nodes, hypertext, and domain to make that stuff, through which anyone can share information absolutely easily.


In 1990 with the help of Robert Cailliauv, he invented WWW (World Wide Web) first web browser or web server, and put it online in 1991.

First web address

At first which was used in CERN’s, Next computer. Soon WWW made its value into the internet world. Now people can see any information through the internet around the world. Lee proved himself in front of the world he always believes in the freedom of the internet and net neutrality, according to him, the government should not interfere in internet censorship.

His invention, the World Wide Web, is counted among the most important inventions of the 20th century. The web has revolutionized the world of information and technology and has opened many new avenues.

Awards & Achievements

1. 30-03-2011 “Mikhail Gorbachev Award”

“The man who changed the world”.

2.Time Magzine – Top 100 influential people

3. ACM software system Award (1995)

4. Order of Merit (2007)

5.Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences (2009)

6. Queen Elizabeth Prize (2013)

7. Turing Award (2016)

Quotes Of Tim Berner Lee

“We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges.”

“You affect the world by what you brose.”

“We cant blame the technology when we make mistakes.”

“I hope we will use the net to cross barrires and connect cultures.”

“Things can change so fast on the internet.”

“Most larger companies now see that for the market to grow,Web infrastructure must be royalty free.”


His intention was not to become rich while he chooses the non-profit way and was extremely dedicated to his work for social welfare. Because of his invention, many developments came into the new generation of the internet which changed the life of every individual, and thanks to him we got many things like Google, Blogs, Games, etc.

Because of him, I am able to share this information with you guys.

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