The Nobel Prize is called the world’s highest civilian honor. The world once called Alfred Nobel an obsessive scientist. Because Alfred talked to dynamite to bring peace to the world. On inventing dynamite, Alfred said that “My dynamite will bring peace to the world faster than thousands of conferences”. Today, the world’s highest honor is given in his name. In this biography, we will gonna know why had people called him merchant of death, What Did Alfred Nobel Invent his quotes, and his death.

Who was Alfred Nobel?

Alfred Nobel’s full name is Alfred Bernhard Nobel was a scientist and engineer who had invented dynamite in 1866. later he founded the most honorable award Nobel prize. He died on 10 December 1896 in Italy, Sanremo. The award was given for the first time in 1991, five years after his death. In the last days of his life, Alfred Nobel was deeply remorseful about his inventions which had caused great havoc in the war.

Family, Born, And Study

Alfred Nobel was born in the year 1833, on October 21  in Stockholm, Sweden. Their Father Immanuel Nobel and mother Caroline Andritta Ahlsell married in 1827. They had eight children, of whom only Alfred and his three siblings remain alive to adulthood. His father was an engineer and businessman, tried many businesses in Sweden but got failed. When Noble was four years old his father moved to St.Petersburg, Russia to take a job manufacturing explosive(Gun powder) and his family followed him in 1842.

Then after some years, the Crimean war has begun, which increased the demand for his explosive(Gun powder) and his business got profited. He earned a lot of money, afterwords his father provides Alfred a private education. Soon at the age of 17, had a good command of English, French, and German language, and knowledge of chemistry.

Then in 1850 went to America to study after completing his study, whence he went to Paris. There he met with Scotia subzero, who founded nitroglycerin three years back. Nitroglycerin is more dangerous than any Blasting oil or Gun powder, but it was not safe to carry that it might blast anywhere so it was very less in use. Soon Crimean was got over and his father has to shut the factory and then they have to come back to Sweden again.

What Did Alfred Nobel Invent

Alferd also takes the sample of Nitroglycerin, came back to Sweden, and with his father and brother started an experiment to make Nitroglycerin safe. But during this, 3 September 1864 his brother Emile died due to an explosion of Nitroglycerin and his father stop experimenting to make it safe. Also, the Sweden government banned the research lab too that was a very tough time for Alfred and his family but Alfred did not stop working on this.

He opened a new lab outside of the city and with full dedication started experimenting to make nitroglycerin safe. The right front of his eyes, his hard work pays off and he achieved to make it safe. He informed the world that if you mix Celica in Nitroglycerin, which could be filled in cylinders, the difference in temperature and pressure also did not have that much effect. You can give any shape to it. In 1867, he patented it and named it “Dynamite”.

Merchant Of Death

Its demand increases to the whole world and he opened his company in more than 20 countries. Along with it had both side positive impact and negative impact. Because of his invention, many people died and Alfred and his invention were blamed for it. People started calling him merchant of death that hit Alfred on a different level because his motive to invent, was for a good purpose.

Nobel Prize 

The Nobel Prizes were established in 1895 according to the will of chemist Alfred Nobel. In his will, Alfred promised to set up a fund with the remaining money after giving some money to his relatives. He wrote in the will that, rewards should be given to those who have given their services to mankind. The Nobel Foundation was established in 1900.

The Nobel Prize is given every year to those people or institutions who do unique work. The award is given in the fields of Peace, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and Economics. When Nobel was first introduced in 1901, the award was given in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, and Peace. Then in 1969, economics was also added to it.

How Much Money With The Prize?

Every winner of the Nobel Prize is given an amount of about four and a half crores.


Hope is natures veil for hiding truths nakedness

If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied

Second, to agriculture, humbug is the biggest industry of our age

I intend to leave after my death a large fund for the promotion of the peace idea, but I am skeptical as to its results


There have been many great personalities and scholars in the world who have spent his gained money on charitable work. Among them, Alfred Nobel, one of the scientists, willingly devoted his enormous wealth to scientists. Donate the wealth gained from the invention of dynamite to trust from the heart for human well-being.

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