It’s so easy to turn on a switch of your phone connects to Wi-Fi and the world is in your pocket. Having access to the internet and wifi these days looks like the person lying in the morgue has got oxygen. There is no need to talk about how important the Wi-Fi facility is these days. But it is important to tell you that behind this invention was the hand of a woman who did not receive the respect and admiration that she deserved for this great invention at the time. In this blog will get to know about Hedy Lamarr invention, who was also a famous actress. Whom we didn’t know at all, obviously most of us. When she was born, controversy and lastly about the invention precisely.

Who Was Hedy Lamarr?

Hedy Lamarr was a 20th-century of Austrian, American famous movie star (actress), producer, and brilliant inventor. Known for her great beauty, She invented wireless communication technology currently used in Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS, cordless phones, and cell phones.

Personal Life

Hedy left school when she was 15 years old to become an actress, had married six men, no marriage stick to a long time, In which some of them were businessman, Actor, lawyer. She got USA citizenship in 1953 then after she spent her life in Florida earned a lot of money in her career but due to her production company lost all the money. She died At the age of 86 on 19th January 2002.

Born And Film Career

Hedy Lamarr born on 9th November 1914 in Vienna Austria Hungary in the shadow of the first world war, her original name was Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, her father Gertrud Kiesler was a successful bank manager, who belongs to a Galician Jewish family, and her mother Emil Kiesler was a pianist, born in Budapest and belongs to a Hungarian Jewish family.

Hedy converted to Catholicism due to the insistent of her Spouse. Since her childhood, she was fascinated with acting. At the age of 12 own, a beauty contest in Vienna. She took an acting class in Vienna and at the age of 16 worked as a script girl. In her full career, worked in 30 movies, Her first marriage was with Friedrich Mandl in 1933 who was an arms dealer.

At that time Hedy was only 19 years old and her husband’s behavior was not ok with her. So she alloys sleeping medicine to her servant’s food and escapes at night.  Then she changed her name Kiesler to Lamarr, soon she had become a known personality in the Us by debuting in Hollywood.


She also acted in the film ECSTASY, which made her popular but faced a lot of conflicts. Because that was the first motion picture that has shown a female organism. Later on, she acted in many good films.

Hedy Lamarr Invention

Hedy Lamarr was interested in technology too, since her childhood. In the free time, she always spent time on the machines and see how it works. Talking about her qualification she doesn’t have any degree which is related to technology or engineering but had a hobby related to the invention.

During world war 2, she teamed up with Howard Hughes, who was the great inventor himself, trying to create the fastest Aeroplane in the world at that time. Then what Lamarr did is that she took the book of fastest fish and book of fastest bird and by connecting both drew it and showed to the Howard Hughes and then he said to her you are genius. During that period she invented a tablet too that can be used as a cola.

She also learned that radio-controlled torpedoes for defeating the Nazy submarines because the german was very good at hacking and jamming. She thinks of creating a secret communication system which was frequency-hopping spread spectrum. In 1942 with her friend George Antheil she invented a system that was helpful in changing the radio frequency.

That can not be hacked or jam by the enemy, which proved to be a secure system during the war. In the beginning, her invention didn’t get appreciated by the people. After some time in 1957, America recognized the value of Lamarr’s invention and used it in the war. And presently in 21 century, this technology takes place all over the world as Bluetooth, GPS, and WIFI.

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Award And Achievement

Electronic Frontier Foundations Award

She was the first woman to get this award

Note – EFF Award is known as similar to the oscar award in invention world

Film Documentary

Bombshell The Hedy Lamarr Story


At last, she was the only actress, invented one such technology. Which is using by the people till this era, and hope that will till the world end. She teaches us that you do whatever but you must follow your hobby. She was the giver, who gives the world a brilliant invention but didn’t come out publicly and accepted any claim for it.

What do you think of Hedy Lamarr invention?