Biography - Who Is Steve Jobs , Facts And Death

Apple company co-founder Steve Jobs is no longer with us, but through his innovation, he will rule in millions of hearts for decades to come. There was a time in Jobs’ life when he had to satisfy his hunger by eating food found in a temple and had to sleep in the land of a friend’s house. In this blog, we gonna be talking about a brilliant mind Steve Jobs biography. Who are Steve jobs, what complications he faced, his career growth, death, etc?

Who was Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs was an American businessman, co-founder of Apple company, and motivational speaker. Which had given a new identity to the computer world by creating iPhone, iPad, iMac, and MacBook. In this modern era, Apple is known as the world’s biggest and valuable company with a market value of 2 trillion.

Born And Adopt

Steve Jobs’s full name was Steve Paul Jobs, born on 24 February 1955 in San Francisco, Californian. His mother was an unmarried woman so after the birth of jobs she decides to put him in the orphanage. People who were going to foster him suddenly changed their mind on behalf of him they foster a girl. Then Paul and Clara adopted him Steve’s mom wanted that, whoever will adopt her child should be graduated.

While Clara was an accountant and Paul was a mechanic. They promised his mom, they will full fill all the needs of his son. In 1961 Steve moved to California, mountain view with his family. His father started a garage for full-fill Householding needs. And that was the beginning of Steve’s interest in electronic stuff.

He was very intelligent and was naughty two. Because of his sharp mind, school teachers wanted him to promote in senior classes but his father didn’t agree. At the age of 13 become friends with Steve Wozniak who was also like him.

Study And Struggle

After high school study, he entered Reed college then he realized the fees of college were so high, and also due to lack of interest he left the study after 6 months. He then joined calligraphy classes and because of him now we can choose so many fonts on the laptops.

At that time he was out of money so he used to sleep in his friend’s house. Soon he started selling Coca-Cola bottles to have food. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak again become good friends.


They decided to make a computer and soon they made it in Steve’s garage named Apple. For making this computer they both had sold their own stuff.

It was small cheap and has a lot of functions in it. People loved their technology and they earned many lakh dollars. Under in 10 years, Apple became a valuable company. But when they promote apple 3 and Liza, the company went in the loss. For whom Steve was impeached.

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Next And Pixar

On 17 September 1985, he has thrown out of the company by the board of comity. That incident made him emotionally broke. Then he opened a new company named Next, first product was “high and personal”. The company didn’t get a good response from the market because Apple has already captured the full market. But he didn’t give up and he changed Next company from product to software company.

That was the moment that changed his life and he earned a lot of money. In 1986 spent 10 million to purchase a graphics company Pixar. Which is known as the best graphics company in the world in today’s reign.

Appointed As CEO

On the other hand, Apple company was at a loss so they purchased Next by $477 million and Steves become the CEO of the Apple company. In the beginning, Apple company has 250 products but he decided to make it 10 to give full focus.

Steve believes that “quality matter quantity doesn’t”.Then iPhone,iPad,iMac, MacBook came as the revolution in the electronic world. And becomes the most sold product in the world.

Note – Apple buys a company every three to four weeks – Apple has acquired around 100 companies over the last six years.

Awards And Achievement


  • 1987, got the Samuel S. Beard Award for Outstanding public service 35 years or under
  • 1985, got National medal of Technology and Innovation Award
  • 2012, got Grammy Trustees Award
  • 2002, he got the PGA Vanguard Award
  • 2011, Bravo Otto – social media star Award


  • Personal computer revolution by launching Apple II in 1977
  • Mouse graphical user interface
  • Portable music player iPod in 2001
  • Sales of music with iTunes stores
  • Computer Animation by Pixar Animation studios
  • Apple stores 2001
  • SmartPhone Revolution 2007
  • Appstore for software downloading 2008
  • Ipad tablet in 2010


Jobs always believe that his life is a journey, can die anytime and it helps him to take the right design. Suddenly he got to know that suffered pancreatic cancer and for that he went through surgery but unfortunately on 5 October 2011 world lost an awesome innovator in Palo, Alto California.


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