Azim Hashem Premji is an Indian businessman and president of Wipro Ltd. He is unofficially known as an Indian IT maker. In 2010, he was named among the 20 most powerful men in the world by Asiatic, and in 2004 Times magazine named him once in 2004 and recently in 2011, twice among the most influential people. Premji owns 73% of Wipro and also has a private equity fund, Premji Investment.

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Azim Premji

Who is Azim Premji?

Azim Premji is an investor, humanitarian, Founder, and former chairman of Tech giant Wipro PVT limited. The full name of Azim Premji is Azim Hashmi Premji. He’s known as the Indian Bill gates.

Premji is known as the top donor in India. In 2010 Premji was selected as the most powerful man in the world by Asiaweak. He was also known as India’s 2nd richest person till 2019.

Azim Premji steps down with the chairman position of Wipro in July 2019 at the age of 75. Continuous as the board non-executive director for five years of Wipro Ltd.

The current CEO and managing director of Wipro ltd is Thierry Delaporte. Around 150000 employees work in Wipro LTD.

Personal Life

Azim Premji’s wife’s name is Yasmeen Premji, they have two children’s Rishad Premji and Tariq Premji. Rishad Premji is the executive chairman of Wipro Ltd.

Azim Premji’s favorite food is Dosa, favorite Car’s Ford Escort, Toyota Sedan, Toyota Corolla. His favorite color is a black favorite businessman is Dhirubhai Ambani and Bill Gate’s, favorite actors Sharukh khan and Amir khan.

Azim Premji is a Shia Muslim who lives in Mumbai. His Icon is JRD TATA.

Born Study And Career

Azim Premji was born on July 24, 1945, in Mumbai, and his father’s name is Hashem Premji who works in making soap and cooking oil. He opened his company in Western Indian Vegetable Products Ltd.

In the same year when his son Azim Premji was born. After two years of his birth, India got freedom from England. But due to the demand for partition of the country. Hindu Muslim riots started but in between religious hatred and violence.

Many of the Muslim people departed to Pakistan. Because Hashim Premji also belonged to the Muslim religion and was a well-known businessman. The Founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah had invited him to come to Pakistan.

Also, Some of his relatives advised him to come there. But He decided to live in India his own country.

After completing his twelfth education from St Mary’s Scholl, Mumbai. He went to Standford University, the USA where he found that Americans are very interested in using computers but India has little knowledge regarding computers.

He had understood the value of IT in the USA. In the year 1966 when he was only 21 years old, he heard that his father has died. He left his study and returns to India, Soon he takes over his father’s business.

He added different products into his father’s business, Toiletries, Haircare soap, Lighting products, and hydraulic cylinders. In the year 1966, he changed the company name to Wipro Products Ltd.

Note – In the year 1999 Azim Premji completed his degree from Stanford University through distance learning.

Wipro Ltd

During those days India didn’t have good companies in the IT sector. So he decided to grow his company into the IT sector. In 1980 he changed his company name to Wipro Ltd.

And started making mini-computer with American company Sentinal computer corporation. His good leadership and good business execution help his company to emerge as the Indian biggest company.

Because of that, he had known as the richest person from 1999 to 2005. Talking about now day’s Wipro made himself come as India’s fourth-largest IT company. Also, his company is known as the world’s 2nd largest manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders.

Azim Premji Foundation

In the year 2001, he established the Azim Premji Foundation intending to help the poor and helpless people of India. This foundation works with the government in many states for educational purposes.

Karnataka, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Telangana, MP, Chattisgarh are the places where he has opened more than 3.5 lakh schools. To provide quality education to rural areas children. In 2019 had donated 34 percent of his share.

Which was worth 52750 crores it has made under Azim the Premji foundation is known as the world’s biggest donation.

The Giving Pledge

In June 2010 Bill Gates and Warren buffet started the giving pledge campaign this campaign intended to urge the world’s richest people to give some amount of money.

Premji was the first Indian who has participated in this campaign and donated 2.3 billion.

Humanitarian Activities

Azim Premji is known for his generosity. In the year 2014 Premji donated 12316 crores, in 2015 donated 27514. Recently in 2020 donated 7,904 crores in India that would be around 22 crores a day.

And got listed his name as the world’s 3rd biggest donor to Covid-19. According to Forbes Premji has donated 21 billion dollars till now.

Azim Premji Net Worth

Having $7.9 Billion net worth Azim Premji comes as India’s 15th richest business tycoon according to Forbes. Comparing In the world richest person’s, he’s got the 253 positions. Premji’s net worth was 21 billion in 2019.

As I have explained above that in the beginning, he could have maintained his position in the 2nd and 1st spot but due to his generosity, Azim Premji net worth got down.


1-Padma Bhushan2005

2-Padma Vibhushan – 2011

3-IET Faraday Medal – 2005

4-CNN- IBN Indian of the year Achievement – 2015

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Written by – Khanna Sundeep

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Azim Premji
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